About AZ Soaring

Why soaring pilots choose Arizona Soaring

Many pilots prefer to fly where they do not have to share the airport with power traffic, or fly under or in major airline arrival and departure routes. Estrella Sailport is a privately owned airport located in an area with very little local traffic, and virtually no airline traffic.

Pilots come to Arizona Soaring from other operations because they were unable to fly for an entire day or more because the training aircraft were being used for rides! Although at Arizona Soaring we do love providing rides, we ensure our soaring customers fly when they want to. We have the nation’s largest fleet of two place and single place sailplanes to meet your flying needs.

Why first-timers choose Arizona Soaring for a ride

Our fun-loving staff of instructor pilots will provide you and your friends with the experience of a lifetime. Your pilot will provide you with whatever type of flight you wish whether it’s a mellow soaring ride along the majestic Sierra Estrella Mountains or a wild and thrilling aerobatic ride. Don’t wait any longer, call us today!

Want to be a soaring pilot?

If you are interested in maximizing the use of your time, you need to train with us! We specialize in fast-track training for busy people, but we don’t cut corners – no one can match our safety record! We train more soaring pilots than anyone else. We know how to make your dreams come true! We set up the end-to-end solution for your educational journey of flight. Plus, if you wish to take your written test during your training, there are numerous local sites available. Flight examiners are on staff and available seven days a week.

Becoming a soaring pilot is great fun whether you have no prior flying experience at all or you’re a high-time professional pilot. With Arizona Soaring’s dedicated staff and great whether you can complete your training in a surprisingly short period of time.

Arizona offers the perfect soaring weather

Arizona Soaring, located at the foot of the Estrella Mountains, offers the most reliable year-round soaring conditions. Due to the abundance of sunny days and warm temperatures throughout the year, thermals in the Phoenix area are very plentiful. Although other sites around the country can have good soaring conditions, no site comes close to matching the predictability and consistency of soaring conditions found at our site. When choosing dates to soar weeks or even months in advance, it,s a relief to know that your chances are significantly higher when choosing Arizona Soaring. Other sites, including Arizona sites with comparable thermal activity, miss out on the ridge and wave flying during the “off-season” due to the Estrella Mountains.

Fly when you want to

Fleet size is important for assurance that you will have an aircraft to fly when YOU want to fly. The more aircraft available, the less chance you will just sit around and watch others fly. Our large fleet of 15 sailplanes virtually guarantees that you will be able to fly as much as you wish!

Getting to Arizona Soaring

Conveniently located just outside of Phoenix, Arizona Soaring is easy to find. Our customers fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport which is served by many carriers at very competitive fares. Then grab yourself a rental car and follow our map to Estrella Sailport in the town of Maricopa. Just 20 miles south of Phoenix, Maricopa is alive with activity and has many newly built stores and restaurants for your convenience. Be sure to ask us about accommodations both on-site and nearby.

Flexible hours of operation

Arizona Soaring is open seven days a week! Keep in mind that we will open early or work late to assure that our customers achieve their goals.

Know your staff

When choosing a soaring experience or education, consider the credentials. Is the staff made up of full-time, year-round professional pilots, seasonal pilots, or part-timers? Are the instructors actually rated instructors or merely commercial glider pilots? With no industry standards or requirement for instruction time, some sites use commercial pilots for training their students and then have an instructor sign them off for solo. At Arizona Soaring we instruct you with full-time, dedicated, FAA certified glider instructors. They have years of experience in airplanes as well as sailplanes. We provide a consistent program and ATTITUDE that is maintained whether you are a trainer, pilot or going for a ride.

Everyone has been disappointed or even angered by deceptive or misleading advertising. Ask direct, specific questions – it’s your time and your money! Arizona Soaring will answer all your questions to the best of our ability. We pledge to give you straight, honest answers. We welcome your suggestions and comments! Please contact us and tell us what’s on your mind, or email jason@azsoaring.com

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