Regardless of what rating you pursue, our professional instructors will guide you through the training process at a pace that ensures quality and fun. Each year Arizona Soaring Inc. trains more new glider pilots than any other site in the US. Our pricing is comparable to most other professional soaring sites but people come to us because of our reputation, weather, instructors and convenience. No other site gives you as great a combination of these important factors.

Primary Instruction for Beginners:

If you dream of becoming a skillful pilot, then start by learning to fly gliders. Not only is it the most economical and enjoyable type of FAA-governed aviation, you will learn valuable skills and knowledge that will serve you well in airplane flying. Many of the world’s most famous pilots are also soaring enthusiasts.

Over the course of your training our highly experienced instructors will guide you step-by-step through each of the elements of flight. Every customer comes to us with different backgrounds and aptitudes so we do not have cookie-cutter, one size fits all training packages. On average most of our clients complete their training in as little as three weeks with a cost of about $8000-$9000. Every person is different so time and cost will vary. Each lesson is tailored to the specific needs of the student. Our focus is on helping you attain the skills you need in an efficient manner while maintaining high standards for safety. Flying is also about having fun and our friendly instructors have a relaxed manner that will put you at ease.

Experienced Pilots (Add-Ons):

For experienced pilots that already hold an FAA airplane or helicopter pilot certificate, Arizona Soaring Inc. is the most dependable and professional glider school in America. Our combination of weather, private airport, large fleet and professional staff enable us to provide an intensive training schedule that just isn’t possible at any other site in America. Adding a glider rating is a great way learn valuable skills, complete a BFR and to reacquaint yourself with the thrill of flying.

At Arizona Soaring Inc., a Private Glider add-on is typically completed in just six days with a cost of approximately $4000-$5000. A Commercial Glider add-on typically needs only seven days and about $4500-$5500. Highly experienced pilots are often able to complete their training in a day less. As always, each customer is different so we adjust the training accordingly. These estimates are also assuming an intensive training schedule. Add an extra day or two if you want a more relaxed training environment or vacation-like experience. Examiner fees are an additional cost from the above estimates.. No written tests are required for Private or Commercial add-on ratings. Every customer is different of course and these price estimates also assume the customer is relatively current in their flying. If you are not current, don’t worry! Many of our customers haven’t flown in many years (or decades) and our staff will work hard to get you proficient as efficiently as possible, but it will require a little more time and money.

Flight Instructor – Glider:

Interested in becoming a glider flight instructor? Arizona Soaring Inc. can help you achieve that goal. Whether you’re an aspiring commercial glider pilot or already an established CFI for airplanes/rotorcraft, we have the knowledge and experience to get you through the initial or add-on instructor certification process. Time and cost associated with a CFI-G can vary quite a bit based on a number of factors. The average cost for a CFI-G rating is $3000-$4000 and the training is generally completed in five days. We recommend contacting the office for a personalized estimate based upon your flying and teaching experience.

Aerobatic Training:

Glider aerobatics has been part of our core business since our inception in 1969. Former owner Les Horvath was a pioneer of glider aerobatics in the US and became a multi-time US National Champion in addition to being a teacher and mentor to hundreds of aerobatic glider pilots. Current owner Jason Stephens is carrying on this tradition with 5 US National Championships, dozens of air-shows, participating in the 2009 World Air Games and being featured on several TV shows. With almost 20 years of experience teaching glider aerobatics Jason can help you gain confidence and mastery over your aircraft through his 5-flight and 10-flight aerobatic courses. Each course is tailored to your preferences, skill level and will be both comfortable and challenging while still being fun. The 5-flight course ($1100) is geared more towards loops, recovery from inverted, and spins. The 10-flight course ($2200) typically covers loops, cloverleaves, ½ rolls, inverted flight and full rolls. Package pricing includes all costs (tows, rental, ground, etc.) in addition to free nights in our bunkhouse during the course and a copy of Glider Aerobatics, written by Les Horvath. Plan two days for the five-flight course and four to five days for the ten-flight course.

All of our aerobatic training flights are done in our MDM-1 Fox which is the pinnacle of glider aerobatics capability and safety. It’s very high speed and “G” limits ensure a maximum margin of safety can be maintained at all times. Video recording of your flights is also available (for a small fee) to aid your learning process in addition to showing your fellow pilots how much fun you are having!

Towpilot Training:

Arizona Soaring Inc. now proudly offers tow pilot training for rated tailwheel pilots! Come fly in our beautiful 180hp Aviat A-1 Husky with one of our experienced instructors and learn how much fun glider towing can be. Towing gliders can be intimidating at first but with an experienced instructor you will master it in no time! The Aviat A-1 Husky is a perfect aircraft for learning towing skills because of its high performance combined with docile handling characteristics.  If your local soaring club is struggling to find tow-pilots then YOU could be the answer.

Corporate/Charter Flight Dept:

Arizona Soaring Inc. is the nation’s leading provider of professional glider training.  We proudly train more glider pilots annually than any other location in the nation.  If you’re looking to give your corporate or charter pilot staff an extra edge, consider sending them through our Commercial Glider Add-On course.  Reconnecting your staff with the fundamental stick and rudder skills found in glider flying will improve safety, efficiency, situational awareness, precision, energy management and numerous other sought-after abilities and qualities found in top professional pilots.  Group training rates are available.  We recommend contacting the office for an estimate based upon the individual needs and timeline of your organization.