We are passionate about soaring and love sharing the many wonders and challenges soaring provides.  Coupled with that passion comes the responsibility to inspire and assist the next generation of aviators and soaring enthusiasts.  We believe that all young aspiring pilots, regardless of their economic status, should have the opportunity to fulfill their aviation dreams.  In support of that effort, we are proud to offer the Estrella Scholarship.  If you know of an aspiring young aviator who is in need of a little financial assistance to help achieve their goals, please encourage them to apply.


Arizona Soaring is proud to offer $5000 in annual scholarships.  Funding, promotion and execution of the program is a cooperation between Arizona Soaring Inc., which administers and judges the scholarships, and an anonymous benefactor.  These scholarships are made available to pre & post-solo STUDENT pilots, ages 13 – 21 years old. Two Scholarships, with a total worth of $2500, will be awarded annually.  Scholarship awards will occur twice a year.  The first award occurring on 1 January and the second on 1 June.  Awardees will have an initial credit of $1750 applied to their account.  The second credit of $750 will be applied following completion of the FAA written test or upon achieving solo status.  These credits can only be used for direct flight training expenses at Arizona Soaring Inc.  Direct training expenses includes glider flight instruction, glider ground instruction, glider rental and examiner fees.  No cash withdraws are permitted on awarded scholarship funds.  Awardees have 24 calendar months from the date of award to utilize awarded funds.  Any unused funds at the 24-month mark will be removed from the awardee’s account and returned to the scholarship trust to be used for future awards.
Scholarships are awarded to applicants based on the following criteria:

  • Desire and determination to achieve a Private Glider certification
  • Academic Achievement
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Extra-Scholastic Activities
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Their financial need (financial hardship involved in paying for lessons)

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