Laviasa PA-25 Puelche (Pawnee)

Towplane problems got you down? Factory-New, FAA certified PA-25 towplanes now available! The same outstanding qualities that make your current Pawnee the best towplane available, but without the maintenance headaches of a 50+ year-old airframe. All while at a much lower cost than a new Super Cub, Husky or Scout. In production in Argentina since 1998 under the new name PA-25 “Puelche”. Highlights and options include:

235hp or 260hp Lycoming O-540.
1-place and 2-place versions available.
Your choice of Bungee-cord or Steel Spring landing gear.
Fixed-pitch or Constant-Speed propellers available.
51 gallons of useable fuel. Less fuel stops = More gliders flying sooner!







Why is the PA-25 the best towplane available? If you don’t operate a PA-25 Pawnee or Puelche now, here are some reasons why you should consider upgrading to one as soon as possible:

1. Reduced Aerotow Time
Approximately 25% reduction in total tow flight time for higher altitude tows. Reduced flight time means total fuel burn is generally equal per tow PA-18 vs PA-25. Reduced flight time per tow also means more sorties per day, or equal number of sorties with fewer towplanes. Additionally, reduced flight time per tow means less maintenance per tow.



2. Increased Safety

PA-25 means increased safety because of shorter take-off distance and steeper initial climb-out angle, both of which give the glider better options in the event of a rope-break or engine failure. PA-25 has superior visibility from the cockpit compared to the PA-18. This is paramount for traffic avoidance. The PA-25 is generally considered one of the easiest tail-dragger airplanes to fly.




3. Lower Cost!

Cost per aircraft is also much less than that of a new PA-18 (based on Cub Crafters website) or anything similar such as Aviat Husky or Bellanca Scout.

I grew up in Alaska flying around in my Dad’s Super Cubs. I did my first take-offs and landings in his Cub on skis. I own a Husky A-1. Both are outstanding airplanes but there is a reason why we, and every other major glider operator, use PA-25’s.

Please email for latest costs & build times.