Insurance Requirements

Effective 1 January, 2023, Arizona Soaring will no longer offer an alternative to insurance for renters.  We will require all rated glider pilots (renters) to obtain their own non-owner liability policy.  Arizona Soaring will continue to offer an alternative to insurance for our students, at a cost of $10 per solo, but will limit their access to Schweizer aircraft only.

Estimated values for our rental aircraft are below.  Renters purchasing a policy will need to ensure an adequate amount of coverage is purchased for the aircraft they wish to fly.  Proof of insurance will need to be provided prior to aircraft rental.

Schweizer’s: $15,000
PW-5: $25,000
Genesis: $40,000
G103: $60,000
ASK-21: $100,000
Swift: $100,000

These policies are not excessively expensive and will provide a better level of coverage and protection to our renters in the event of an incident or accident while flying.

We highly recommend Costello Insurance.  Purchasing a non-owner policy can be done easily online:

Renters may also want to check with AOPA/AVEMCO for renters insurance.